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Pictured above is Second Chance aka Chance. This was his last picture. The care and needs of rescued high risk horses is massive. The cost of veterinary care, vaccines, feed, hay and supplements and what we consider the basics are expensive. This day we lost chance to a severe colic. Horses that would not have had a chance of survival come here to have a second chance. Our mission depends on the generosity of our donors. Thank you all for making their lives better and giving them an opportunity of a life with purpose. These same once unwanted, abused and neglected horses now give back through education. They have a purpose and give the same to those who experience what they have to offer in return.

Mission Statement – To rescue and/or assist in the rescue of abused, abandoned, injured or unwanted horses, provide them with the rehabilitation they deserve. The horses then assist in educating youth and the public it the needs and care of these beautiful animals as well as in Life Skills Development.

Turn regular online shopping purchases into donations to the Rescue/Refuge. Company like AmazonSmile and give a percentage of the amount spent to non-profits like this. Choose Osborne Stables Equine Rescue as your charity and let every penny count.

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 There are so many areas that we need your talents. Barn maintenance, repairs (fencing, barns, welding) horse training, hoof trimming, fundraising, or adopt a stall so that your funds go directly to the care and needs of a specific horse.  Let people know about the horse Rescue/Refuge and how the injured, abused, unwanted, and once-neglected horses with no purpose now have a heard family, a lifetime home and a reason for life, they teaching people about the care and needs of horses along with teaching critical Leadership and life skills development benefiting all who participate in the programs.


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